Iraq Sets up National Authority to Manage Environment

National Authority to Manage Environment

On June 2018, Iraq has established a high-powered National Designated Authority to help mobilize global climate funding in support of dealing with pressures imposed by a range of environmental and climate change-related issues.

This was announced by the Iraqi Deputy Minister for Health and Environment, Dr. Jassim Abdul Aziz, at a high-level workshop on Iraq’s Green Climate Fund Readiness held in Amman this month.

With grant assistance from the Green Climate Fund (GCF), the Government of Iraq has embarked on a national readiness programme for a period of two years during 2018-2019.

UNDP Iraq will serve as a delivery partner for this grant assistance that aims to support the Government of Iraq in strengthening the national capacities to effectively access and efficiently manage, track and guide climate financing with particular attention to the requirement of Green Climate Fund (GCF).

Water insecurity, land degradation, desertification, loss of vegetation and biodiversity and salinity form part of the complex challenges that Iraq faces, posing significant obstacles for the country to mount a resilient recovery following decades of conflict.

The Government of Iraq has formulated an economy-wide plan to cut GHG emission by around 14% between 2020 until 2035. However, Iraq is also facing a huge economic challenge as a result of the collapse in the international oil market in 2015 and its very significant impact on the national economy.

Guided by Iraq’s national development plan, policies and priorities, the readiness programme will include the preparatory activities that include establishing a National Designated Authority (NDA) in Iraq under the leadership by the GCF Focal Point.

Strengthening stakeholders’ engagement and effective participation, and assisting Iraq in developing a gender- responsive country programme including climate change adaptation and mitigation priorities are some of the core objectives of the readiness programme.

The accomplishment of readiness activities will lay the foundation for Iraq to kick-start concrete steps towards meeting the need for climate financing in an effective and coordinated way.

The three-day workshop, attended by the Iraqi Ambassador in Jordan (Safia Al Sauhail), the Iraqi deputy minister of Health and Environment Dr. Jassim Al Falahy, and by an inter-ministerial group comprising several heads of Iraqi government institutions, took stock of Iraq’s readiness for GCF and the roles and responsibilities of the associated the National Designated Authority.

Participants at the workshop agreed on the steps to be taken for the implementation of a roadmap for Nationally Determined Contributions consistent with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) guidelines.

(Source: UNDP)

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