Chief of Staff in the Prime Minister’s Office of Iraq.

Dr Al-Allak serves as Chief of Staff in the Prime Minister’s Office since September 2014. His previous positions include Director of Household Surveys Dept., Director of Centre for Training and Statistical Researches and Expert Advisor, until he advanced to the position of Deputy Minister and Head of CSO in June 2003. In 1983 Dr Al-Allaq joined the CSO as researcher and has been with the institution ever since.

In addition to his current position, Dr Allak continues his career as an academic at the University of Baghdad. He received his first class BSC degree and MSC from the University of Baghdad and his post-graduate diploma from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. He obtained his PhD from Al-Mustansiriyah University. Dr Al-Allak has lectured at several colleges and institutes of higher education as well as supervised many post-graduate students.

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